Ambulance Fabrication and Modification

Ambulance Fabrication

Keeping life and value of life in mind, Bhavani Motocraft came into the business of ambulance fabrication. As a humanitarian organization, ambulance fabrication and ambulance modification come naturally to Bhavani Motocraft because we know and understand that every ambulance we make can save many lives and dramatically increase someone's lifespan. We know our life-saving ambulances inside out, and with our ambulance medication services, we are giving the best ambulances to the hospitals.

Bhavani Motocraft keeps healthcare emergencies in mind during each ambulance fabrication and Modification because we understand the primary role of all Ambulance services. An ambulance is one of the basic requirements in any hospital for medical care, and that's why we are experts in ambulance fabrication to keep the lifeline support system intact.

We are professionals in Ambulance modification, and ambulance fabrication and our ambulances are Fully Equipped, built as per AIS125 Norms with a Neat Ambience.

Although Ambulances generally provide twofold use for emergency response and patient transfer, we help the health sector by ambulance fabrication to naturally serve emergency services into the health system.

For Ambulance modification, our strategic plan is aligned to increase efficiency and provide an opportunity for healthcare services to provide healthcare without delay and enhance expertise to influence the outcome of 'health' initiatives.

At Bhavani Motocraft PVT. LTD., we took the initiative to enrol ourselves for ambulance fabrication and ambulance modification and thereby serve the healthcare industry with our designs and completely well-equipped ambulance.

We have been into Ambulance fabrication since 2011, and ambulance modification is a part of significant projects in our company. Bhavani Motocraft PVT LTD also Designs, Modify and Fabricates the Interior for ambulances at a superior level by taking safety measures for the patient.

Our company has touched pinnacle as an Ambulance fabrication Unit and as the manufacturer for a better quality of ambulances for emergency use. Our Ambulance Fabrication Services, Medical Van Fabrication and Customization of Ambulance have been regarded as top quality by our customers. They have been able to fulfil the criteria required for the Hospitals and Organizations.

As the demand rises for ambulances in this pandemic, our organization's expert leaders and team are continuously innovating and engineering new and better designs in Ambulance medication and ambulance fabrication at an exceedingly great rate and helping many hospitals and NGOs in time for the betterment of the human life.

Our Ambulance fabrication unit is based in Ahmedabad. We provide well-equipped ambulances all over India to all states and cities to serve the healthcare sector in a better way than ever before.

We also fabricate and do any modification required for other hospital and healthcare vehicles like Dead body Van, ICU on wheels, Blood donation Van, Dental Clinic on the wheel, eye clinic on the wheel, and rural OPD services on the wheel.

Bhavani Motors is now Bhavani Motocraft P. Ltd. with 30 years of experience in jeeps, hardtops, customized solutions for sports utility vehicles, adventure vehicle modifications, overland community, and camper vans, and we are leading the market with our Ambulance Fabrication and Ambulance Modification.

  • Basic ambulance
  • Advanced life support ICU
  • Clinic on wheel
  • Blood donation van
  • Animal ambulance
  • Dead body van / Hearse Van
  • Funeral van / Antim yatra van
  • Multi patient ambulance
  • Stretcher and wheel chairs
  • Medical equipments

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